Jason Gordon

Business Disputes

If you are involved in a dispute with other shareholders or members of an entity in which you have an ownership interest, we can assist with litigating your claims or working towards a severing of the business relationship.


We have significant experience enforcing and defending non-compete and theft of trade secrets claims, as well as pursuing employment discrimination claims.

Real Estate Litigation

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we offer representation for real estate closing and escrow disputes, and can help to with collecting commissions if you are a real estate professional.



We can handle appeals in state and federal courts in a wide range of legal areas and will analyze your case to determine if there is a basis to challenge a trial or district court decision, or defend a judgment on appeal entered in your favor if an appeal is filed by the opposing party.


Securities Litigation

Whether defending against or pursuing securities fraud, RICO, breach of fiduciary duty or negligence claims, we have the experience to assist in court, arbitration or FINRA proceedings.


We represent both landlords and tenants in lease disputes in residential and commercial matters.


Contract Drafting/Negotiation

We can assist with preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts for both small and large businesses.

Civil Rights/Land Use

We have extensive experience representing places of worship in zoning disputes with local governments.

Public Bid Protests

We have successfully challenged bid awards for municipality RFP’s where the terms of the RFP have not been followed by the city, or the winning bidder did not follow the submission guidelines.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Whether copyright or trademark infringement, we will pursue your rights to defend your intellectual property or defend you against a claim of infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.

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